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H&C Oven Company can satisfy both craftsmen and big international industries. Every problem on thermo processing level can be solved with enthusiasm by our team and just to mention them our main customers are for instance (among others) :
  • Glass manufacturers (heat soak test ovens, ovens for laminated glass, balloon-shaping ovens, fire test...)

  • Metallurgical industry (quenching ovens, anneal ovens, revert ovens…)

  • Ironworks and forge (expansion ovens, crucible ovens)

  • Laboratories (calcinations ovens)

  • Polymer industry (balloon-shaping ovens, for quick drying varnish/glue ovens)

  • Synthetic diamond industry (bell-shaped ovens under hydrogen or controlled atmosphere, unbroken crossing ovens)

  • Ceramists and potters

  • Oil and petroleum companies

  • Chemical industry (lab ovens)

  • Car manufacturers (quenching ovens, polymerization ovens)

A few references :
In Belgium : AGC Automotive (Glaverbel), Arcelor Mittal (Industeel), Caterpillar, Husqvarna, Terca, Abbaye de la Cambre, Wendt Boart, Carbodiam, CBR, Technical Airborne Components, Mecamold, ...

Abroad : Electropoli France, Reflex Slovénie, GoodYear Luxembourg, Groupe Hannecard France, Semco Glass Allemagne, Dual Seal Glass Angleterre, ...